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CCTV systems in Nice is used to deter street crime and parking offenses

Mar 7th, 2011 | By | Category: News

CCTV systems are installed all over Nice to deter street crime find an new use

When a Nice council decided to locate CCTV cameras around Nice some residents were delighted, especially as its declared purpose was to make the streets safer from drug dealers, muggers, burglars and car thieves

The camera proved not very good at identifying suspects lurking in the shadows but it was very intivar reviews good at reading residents’ car number plates.

Head Prosecutor for Nice, Eric de Montgolfier, has now authorised automatically sending fines for parking offenses caught on camera.

The scheme started on 1st November in Avenue de Verdun, Boulevard Carlone, and Boulevard Gambetta, nothing has been confirmed yet but i guess that as the number of CCTV cameras expands, we can expect the same from the scheme.


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