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Holiday Travel In Nice, France

Jul 24th, 2013 | By | Category: Others

Holiday Travel In Nice, FranceFor many people, the idea of travelling for Christmas can be almost intimidating. After all, the holiday season is traditionally a time to enjoy the comforts of home, perhaps with some cheerful decorations and delicious holiday recipes. But at the same time, travelling to an interesting destination can be a great way to totally relax for the holidays. You don’t have to worry about decorations, cooking, hosting friends or family, etc. You can just book a hotel and a flight, order a few gifts from M&S, and be on your
way to enjoying the holiday!

One great destination to consider this year if you want to get out of the UK for the holidays is Nice, France, a beautiful city where the holiday season is as pleasant as it gets. Already a popular spot for tourists checking out France, Nice for Christmas is truly a sight to see. Here are a few of the things you might want to see and do while spending the holiday in this lovely city.

Stroll Through Town
As is the case in many destinations during the holiday season, Nice is alive with brilliant lights and decorations in the days leading up to and following Christmas. A walk through the streets, and by the illuminated ferris wheel, can help you to soak up Nice as you only can during the holidays.

Take In A Play
Not only are there sometimes special performances in local theatres during the holiday season, but you can also observe a very interesting take on a nativity scene play in town. Nice residents tend to take Christmas rather seriously, and as such a good deal of effort goes into nativity plays, which use real animals for some added charm.

Enjoy A Restaurant
One fun tip is to book a restaurant! Unlike many other destinations, Nice leaves the majority of its establishments open on Christmas day, which gives you a very convenient option for a fine holiday meal. Just be sure to look into reservations well in advance, as restaurants do book up quickly for Christmas.

Spend Time With Family
Granted, this is always the goal on Christmas, but Nice gives you a unique opportunity to spend isolated time with your family while in a foreign destination. Because Nice is largely Catholic, and the holiday involves religious services and peace and quiet, you can enjoy the city without a throng of busy residents or tourists.

Stay For New Years
Finally, if at all possible, stick around for New Years! France doesn’t celebrate Boxing Day, and as mentioned Christmas is rather quiet – but on New Years, the party finally arrives. If you’re looking for some festivity following the Christmas holiday, be sure to stay for New Years.

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