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Lake Garda: A Quick Resort Guide

Jun 6th, 2013 | By | Category: Others

It’s amazing how much of the world you can see with the help of agents such as Neilson holidays. Whether you choose to travel during the winter months or the summer season, there’s always something to suit your personal preferences waiting for you to snap up. While the Dolomite Mountains may be a haven for skiers and winter enthusiasts during the colder months, holidays in Lake Garda are incredibly popular and full of things to do. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or the chance to enjoy some outdoor pursuits, you’re perfectly placed here.

The largest of the Italian Lakes, Lake Garda is large enough to have something for everyone. Jam packed with opportunity, the resorts that encompass this freshwater lake are both diverse and varied so that there’s a resort that will suit everyone’s tastes.

It may be the most popular lake in the north of Italy and as such, will be busier than the others in the area, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the basis of a thoroughly enjoyable sojourn. Take a look at the resorts below that are Ambien dotted around its shores to help inspire you for your Lake Garda trip:

Bardolino can be found in the south east and offers plenty to do for the lively visitor. Bars and restaurants are in abundance, perfect for fun once the sun has drop below the horizon, while with daylight comes plenty of opportunity to meander through the various shops as well as take advantage of the local activities.

Garda, on the eastern shore, offers plenty of idyllic scenery in which to enjoy leisurely walks – perfect for those who wish to do a little more than just relax.

Riva, in the north, is ideally situated for watersports fanatics, where the wind conditions are rife for windsurfing. Its natural beauty provides some breathtaking views, too.

Salo in the west is perfect if you want to escape the tourist hotspots, offering a more rustic and authentic Italian feel.

Torbole is ideal for those in search of an outdoorsy holiday, with cycling, walking and watersports being in abundance.

Take a look at the various Lake Garda resorts and book your break, today.

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