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Le Musée International d’Art Naïf Anatole Jakovsky

Apr 12th, 2008 | By | Category: Attractions

Chateau St. Helena
Avenue de Fabron
06200 Nice, France
Tel: (+33) (0) 4 93 71 78 33

Le Musée International d’Art Naïf AnatoleThe International Museum of Naive Art(Le Musée International d’Art Naïf Anatole) is housed at Château Sainte Hélène, the former summer residence of perfumer François Coty. It was inaugurated in 1982, thanks to the donation of prestigious Anatole and Renée Jakovsky, convened today a unique view of the world in the history of the eighteenth naive painting to the present day.
The Château Saint Helena, surrounded by a large park with the rarest species. Here is an intimate and familiar to host a spontaneous art, which emphasizes individual inner vision of the painter, inviting the visitor to an imaginary journey.
Paintings, sculptures, drawings, posters, trace the evolution of this art through works of the most famous painters: Bauchant, Bombois, Vivin, Séraphine, Rimbert, Lefranc, Rabuzin, Ivan and Josip Généralic, Lackovic, Grandma Moses, O ‘Brady, Haddelsey, Ligabue, Vivancos, ….
A deposit of the National Museum of Modern Art, Centre Georges Pompidou enrich this collection with works by Bombois, Bauchant, Vivin, Séraphine, Bimbert ..


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